MIPISE the fintech partner of alternative finance players and of the collaborative economy

MIPISE provides versatile and customizable technical solutions. Our focus is to support the involvement of your communities and the management of your financial activities through fully dematerialized and digitized tools.

Our solutions for the collaborative economy :

Crowdfunding platform

Mobilize and unite your community around crowdfunding projects (donation, lending, royalties, equity, ICO/STO).

Crowdsourcing and open innovation platform

Invite your community to rally around projects, ideas, challenges. Enhance your “crowdfunding” offer.

Our financial digitization solutions :

Fund subscription platform

Simplify the subscription process with a regulatory-compliant dematerialized workflow tool.

Unlisted securities management platform with blockchain certification

Reinvent the management of unlisted securities and shareholding with a modular software suite.

The MIPISE solution is:

A safe and robust solution

Shared Ruby solution, delivered as SaaS, maintenance included

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A quickly up and running solution fitted with an integrated payment system

Create a specific platform in under 5 minutes and begin customizing it

A strongly scalable solution

100 functions to lead and run your activity. 40% of revenues are dedicated to R&D.

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A partnership-driven support

Advice and training provided by experienced web consultants and specialists”


Technical support 7 days a week

An engaged and responsive team made up of developers, web designers, and integrators

Competitive pricing

Clear, flexible and suitable pricing offered on a subscription basis

MIPISE, an expert in alternative finance and digitalization of financial activities

How to facilitate the cash flow management of crowdfunding platforms outside the SEPA zone?

In line with its initial purpose of creating tools to facilitate alternative finance and to make crowdfunding accessible to a wide range of countries, MIPISE is launching a new innovative fund collecting solution for third-party accounts directly backed by a bank account.

ICOs: promising developments

France is the first country to establish an open regulation and aims at making the Paris financial centre more attractive. The Participatory Investment Advisors (PIA) have a place to take.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing: economic and social impacts

The democratisation of the internet and digitalisation of financial activity have opened the door to new community-based collaborative opportunities, encouraging mutual aid through individual solidarity investment or the pooling of ideas and skills for the benefit of collective projects.

With MIPISE create your platform rapidly and get started!

With MIPISE, create your platform with ease, customize it and enter the market rapidly. Our solutions can adapt to all types of use.

MIPISE, for what?

  • Crowdfunding through donations, pre-purchases, interest or interest-free loans, royalties, actions, obligations, minibonds
  • Participatory budgets, endowments, citizen mobilization
  • Open innovation, challenges, contests
  • Calls for projects, ideas boxes, votes
  • Crowdsourcing, skills-based volunteering
  • E-commerce, marketplaces
  • Intercompany loans
  • Debt funds

MIPISE, for whom?

  • Entrepreneurs, SMEs, SMIs
  • Startups
  • Associations, NGOs, foundations
  • Local authorities
  • Innovation offices
  • Management corporations, investment funds, banks, venture capital companies
  • Banks
  • Real estate players

Among those who choose MIPISE

Mipise guides you in creating a customized platform and in completing successful projects.


Dialogue with an attentive advisor aimed to fully understand the scope of your project


Free online demo of the solution with one of our advisor


Creation of the platform in under 5 minutes


Adapted training, the time necessary to ensure full ownership of the platform.


Support and advice, as much as needed to ensure a successful venture.

MIPISE, services with an added value



Webdesign and integration

Face-to-face training
Support and assistance


MIPISE, who are we?

A team of experts in innovation and collaborative economy comprised of specialists in the sectors of banking, web development, web design, integration and communication.

Our main concern is providing support to our clients through a partnership-oriented model.

We focus on offering impeccable and sustained service quality to help our clients develop their venture and surpass their objectives.

Our values

  • Attention
  • Responsiveness
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Compassion

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