Mipise highlighted by Itinéraire Entreprise

Mipise highlighted by Itinéraire Entreprise

Mipise: an expert in digital solutions for financial activities

A fintech-regtech expert in the technological development of digital solutions for financial activities, Mipise was founded 10 years ago, specialising in the crowdfunding, private equity and real estate sectors. More recently, with the acquisition of White'In, the Group has added a payments consulting arm to provide a comprehensive offering in a fast-changing sector.

We are joined by Michel Ivanovsky and Sebastien Bik, co-founders of Mipise Group: Guests on the Itinéraire Entreprises programme

Supporting the real economy by digitalising financial activities

Founded a decade ago, Mipise came into being in the wake of the 2008 crisis, when the search for alternative means of financing became paramount. Initiating its activities in the field of crowdfunding, the scale-up made its mark as the first SaaS solution, enabling companies to launch their own crowdfunding platform very easily. Its added value? Being a technological solution that also handles financial flows.

Combining technology and regulatory expertise, the company has been able to rapidly extend its services to other sectors such as private equity and real estate, playing a leading role in the digitalisation of financial activities.

The diversity of its customer profiles bears witness to its broad spectrum of operations, ranging from major financial institutions to large groups, including start-ups and asset management companies. With this intrinsic ability to operate on a very broad scope, the company has more than 90 customers, with over 2 million payment transactions processed and more than €3 billion in funds raised to date on white-label platforms.

To support this meteoric growth, the company has raised a number of funds over the years. First in 2018 with Business Angel funds and a Family Office, then in 2021 with two new investment funds; and in 2023 a fundraising of 7 million euros. Since its creation, the Group has raised more than €9 million, underlining the importance of financing in the development of this strategic sector.

Faced with the recent economic challenges, the company has been able to react quickly by implementing very precise management of its business plan, enabling it to return to breakeven more quickly than expected. By diversifying its activities and adapting to economic fluctuations at the right time, Mipise has been able to stay on course despite the headwinds, thanks in particular to its strategic merger with White'In, now a subsidiary of the group.

A range of services complemented by a specialisation in payment advice

With a view to creating synergies, Mipise has acquired White'In, a consultancy specialising in electronic payments and payment methods, including regulatory and technological monitoring, project management, risk management and training.

The aim of this union is clear: to have complementary business models and to bring together software publishing, expertise in means of payment and business process outsourcing (BPO) in a single offering in order to meet all the challenges faced by players in the sector.

This new structure will enable the group to fulfil its many ambitions. Firstly, the consolidation of Mipise's markets in France; secondly, the acceleration of its international expansion to offer solutions that respond to changes in European regulations in the crowdfunding, real estate and private equity sectors (ECSP and ELTIF regulations in particular).

With its sights firmly set on the future and its firm belief in the Group's ability to offer a viable alternative financial model, Mipise expects to continue its strong organic growth, averaging more than 25% a year since 2018, both in France and in Europe.