Simplify 3.0 Real Estate Asset Management with Mipise

Simplify 3.0 Real Estate Asset Management with Mipise

Mipise reinvents back-office management for real estate investments, providing an integrated, secure, and optimized operational tracking solution. As digital experts catering to investment firms, why has Mipise made a real estate registry solution available to its clients? Mipise is transforming the back-office management of real estate investments to offer integrated, secure, and optimized operational monitoring. As digital experts serving investment companies, why has Mipise provided its clients with a real estate registry solution?

Mipise offers digital registers for various asset classes, from investment funds to stocks or bonds. These registers notably enable the organization of secondary markets for securities and the automation of investor reporting with financial indicators.

Real estate, infrastructure, and forestry investment funds provide access to these asset classes for a multitude of investors, both institutional and individual. They generate regular returns, benefit from long-term growth in underlying assets, offer appreciable liquidity, and constitute a strategic approach to diversifying portfolios.

However, tracking these investments requires a meticulous approach due to the specifics of underlying assets, diversity in investor profiles, and their specific investment goals and constraints. Managing numerous stakeholders, in addition to keeping up with constantly evolving regulatory and legal constraints, adds another layer of complexity, necessitating tools with high precision in tracking.

In this context, Mipise has implemented software that facilitates the management of back-office registers for real estate, infrastructure, and forestry investment funds. The software aims to enable companies operating in these asset classes to manage their investor registers with their subscription and distribution platform in a modern, intuitive, and dynamic manner.

1) How does Mipise's securities register contribute to optimizing the management of securities movements?

Mipise's associate register goes beyond simple tracking by offering a comprehensive solution for managing operations related to associates. From the creation of shares to their repurchase, transfer, donation, or succession, the register records each movement precisely, ensuring strict control and legally sound documentation for all operations, regardless of their nature.

This securities register offers exhaustive and dynamic management of securities movements, from automated management of scheduled investments to handling dismemberments, numbering shares with decimalization options, automatic creation of movements following a subscription, or custom generation of certificates. Mipise guarantees total traceability of each operation.

Moreover, automated dividend management allows precise calculation of the enjoyment period, transparent dividend distribution, and the option to automate settlements via the Mipise platform. Mipise also provides customizable dashboards, detailed statistics, flexible exports, and ease of interaction via API.

2) How does Mipise make portfolio tracking more accessible to investors and distributors?

Using registry data, Mipise enables the creation of dashboards for portfolio tracking, dividend distributions, and profitability. The automation of Individual Tax Statements (IFUs) facilitates tax management, providing a robust solution for various types of taxes and calculation methods.

The customizable interface for Mipise partners simplifies online contract signing, digital subscription, and middle-office management. From online contract signing to automated commission billing, Mipise optimizes collaboration with partners.

3) How is compliance integrated into the core of the Mipise solution?

Compliance is at the core of the Mipise solution, with the automation of Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, continuous screening, and fine scoring management. This ensures smooth information collection while keeping client data up to date in real-time. The solution also supports general meeting management and offers ease of managing paper ballots.

4) How do Mipise's payment management features simplify processes?

Payment management features include the use of the SEPA standard, manual payment validation or via funds call, automated generation of unique SEPA references, and the ability to make supplier payments. Mipise's document management module, offering centralized control of investment-related documents, is fully controllable by the management company.

In conclusion, the modernization of the associate register and the development of innovative interfaces position Mipise as the ideal partner for a 3.0 real estate asset management. This approach optimizes relationships with stakeholders, improves the client experience, and streamlines exchanges between front, middle, and back-office, generating significant productivity gains. Mipise thus positions itself as a preferred partner for efficient and effective real estate investment management.

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