Digital Collage : Mipise participate to a Green IT workshop

Digital Collage : Mipise participate to a Green IT workshop

During an internal seminar organized this autumn, the Mipise team had the opportunity to participate in a "Digital Collage" (or “Fresque du Numérique” in french), a workshop on the environmental challenges of digital technology.

The Digital Collage is a fun and collaborative 1-day workshop, with a similar educational method as the Climate Fresk (source : **). The aim of this "serious game" is to raise awareness and educate participants about environmental issues of digital activities."

The workshop also aims to lay down the key solutions to reach more sustainable practices of digital activities, and encourages discussions between the participants on the topic. This workshop is a real team building tool allowing participants to come and learn together how to reach sustainability in the digital sector.

Did you know that digital technology emits as much greenhouse gas (GHG) as the world's truck fleet (3 to 4% of GHG emissions)? And that our digital uses consume electricity, two-thirds of which comes from fossil fuels?

Mipise employees were able to confront these issues during this workshop, allowing them to better understand the impact of digital technologies on environmental issues, while identifying the actions to be implemented to move towards more eco-responsible digital technologies.

Initially, 5 teams of 4 to 5 employees around a table began to build the Collage together, by identifying and drawing some links between the game cards provided by the facilitators. These cards illustrate data shared by organizations such as Green IT, Shift project or ADEME, allowing the participants to better understand the impact linked to digital technology. Then, they all took time to reflect on the concrete actions to be taken in order to limit the environmental impact of digital technology on a daily basis.

Although they were already individually aware of the ecological challenges of digital technology, the creation of this mural allowed the Mipise teams to pool their visions and ideas in a playful and educational way.

While recent years have contributed to new ways of working in the corporate world, they have also had the effect of considerably changing behaviors.

Since its creation in 2013, Mipise has been operating in a decentralized manner with teams present in France and abroad, telecommuting most of the time. As a forerunner in this field (since only 16.7% of French people worked from home 10 years ago, compared to 38% in 2021, according to the Malakoff Humanis barometer), Mipise is more committed than ever to digital sobriety. First of all, by making its teams aware of eco-gestures through workshops such as this one, and then by optimizing the use of digital technology and equipment, which is a source of excess fossil fuel consumption in its manufacture.

A change in behaviors is to be encouraged at an individual level, but also to be structured at a collective level. A collective debate and awareness-raising appear to be essential, even more with the massive construction of network instructures, planned obsolescence, or even the advertising hype that encourages over-consumption.

At a time when ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues are taking on an increasingly important role in the world of private equity, Mipise is committed to supporting responsible finance associated with the conviction that most of the societal changes necessary for the advent of a better and more enlightened world will flourish in the sharing of ideas and cooperation.